Three Lezbos

Welcome to the wonderful world of freaky lesbians as they have a blast in a limo. This scene is aptly titled, “Licked In the Limo” because all three of these hotties, including Summer Brielle Taylor get their pussies tongue tickled. In this four minute lesbian movie clip you can watch the dark haired girl being stimulated by two horny blondes. Brielle is hot and heavy for the small tit girl but really wants to taste the other blonde chicks tangy taco. Women on women sex is amazing but three women together makes for a memorable threesome for everyone.

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Chanel Payton is a lovely little tart that loves to take a dildo up her tight asshole, especially with two other girls. Her friends Sammie Rhodes and Melissa Ria have joined her for some good old fashioned double anal lesbian penetration fun! Together they are making an intense threesome sexual experience that you will definitely remember. They are usually workout buddies but today they decided to become sexual partners for an afternoon. Dressed in skimpy gym outfits they are all immediately attracted to each other. The blonde hottie takes two dildos and tells the other babes that she wants them to get on their hands and knees so she can fuck them in the ass.

Both of them are eager to please her and therefore offer up their tight booties. They ask that she puts the dildos deep inside of them and from their expressions it seems that they are barely able to handle such intense sensations. Then she demands that they rub their bald pussies as she fills up their butts. You can clearly see their delicious hairless twats sitting their, waiting for someone to fuck them. In the next clip you can see them eating pussy and kissing.



These three gorgeous young lesbians are all dressed up for a costume party, but instead they decide to attend their very own lesbian pussy licking threesome. It figures that getting three smoking hot women together would lead to a potential lesbian experience. Ashley Jane is the center of attention, because she is sizzling, and her female companions want to devour every inch of her body. These babes really know how to please a woman and they are not afraid to show off their sexual expertise to the world.Each of them has already had some personal experience with running their tongues over a glistening clitoris and feeling the female underneath her quivering and making lovely noises. However, none of them have had the chance to please more than one woman at a time.

You can see that they are all participating together as a team in reaching the perfect lesbian orgasm! Imagine if all of these hotties were living together and had the opportunity to fully explore their sexual desires? They might just explode with so much cumming going on in one location. Lucky for us we can witness them together and their mouths sucking on pussy lips and then having some lip smacking kissing fun too. Two of them even work on the other girl’s wet pussy at once and give her sensations she will never feel again or forget.Next time you see three girls walking together, picture them naked and writhing in a heap of intense lezbo  satisfaction.



If you have never met this hot pornstar before then allow yourself the opportunity to meet her while she is in a threesome. Celeste Star kisses a tasty redhead while she rubs on that girl’s soft pussy. These three babes were just hanging out on a sunny day in Miami when they decided to get some sun out by the pool. They were all barely wearing any clothing to begin with, therefore it didn’t take too much to get them naked and ready for some lesbian action. I suppose when you put together a brunette, redhead and a blonde something spicy and delicious is bound to happen.

They really got to know each other by pulling off their tops and touching their tasty boobs. Once they had been groping each other they slipped off their bottoms and went to town on their moist pussies. Celeste kisses the hot redhead on her luscious lips and slides her fingers between her puffy labia. She is so turned on by the sexual exchange that she too wants these ladies to kiss her and touch her tight twat. Their is so much lesbian angst between these three women that they are absolutely clambering for a chance to please one another. Star has her pussy licked and her asshole fingered by the naughty blonde girl. Together they conquer their bisexuality and make us all want to fuck them.



Sometimes a skinny little blonde chick can wield a great deal of power over other women. In this instance you will watch a video of her completely dominating these poor misguided hotties. All of this is to say that when a lesbian fucks handcuffed babes you should probably take a seat and watch the video clips. There are four videos to watch in this gallery and I suggest that you take in each one, so that you sleep better tonight. They are not only put into handcuffs by the sexy evil blonde babe, but they also have to wear lacy blindfolds. They are stripped down to their bra and panties and then spoken to in quite a forceful manner. They are asked if they are ready to come and then she gives a smack to one of the lady’s pussies and she answers in the affirmative.

Before you can grab your cock they are all naked and in a pussy sucking train. The blonde is sucking on the thick girls tat and the thick hottie is tasting the taller babe’s snatch. Now that is one party I would like to be a part of, if not for all of the different flavors to taste. It is amazing to watch a woman taking all of another lady’s pussy in between her lips and make a sucking sound. Her tongue flashing all over the place and hitting her clitoris hard. The middle babe has her soft booty up in the air and her friend is chomping on her muff with a fevored passion. All together they are making a whole bunch of noise and keeping up the neighbors.



Taking a look at these three fine women is like looking at the best lesbian painting from hundreds of years ago and then all of a sudden being in the presence of greatness. There are two blondes and one brunette in these pictures and one of these hotties is the lovely Tasha Reign and her eager ass. She is looking to find a place to live and is anxious about the interview with her two potential flat mates. She is new in town and not only needs a place to stay but some new girlfriends. Thankfully for us she is also sexually open and knows how to find the hottest girls in town. Her sexdar is right on point, as you can tell from the pictures. Once the three get acquainted and they are in favor of having her as a new roommate they really get comfortable with each other.


A bottle of champagne is produced and the celebrating begins anew. Before you know it Tasha is fucked by two women, who also happen to be extremely hot and absolutely love to get deep inside of some pussy. These three were meant to be together and it is obvious that their kissing, touching and sucking will become a mainstay of their interactions. All it takes is a few sips of alcohol and these three brand new girlfriends are ready to start doing each other in a big way.

They start off by kissing a little bit, sweetly and with care, and then they go straight for their little erect nipples and do some suckling like they hadn’t drunk anything for days. Tasha has her pussy revealed and you can see her dark hair hanging out just above her tight little twat. She is eager but shy about having her pussy felt up with a woman’s fingers and to feel her clitoris being massaged by a horny girl. Now is the time to experience what all lesbians have gone through.

Before you can snap your fingers these three chicks are going down on one another and tasting their pussies like they were a group of starving girls. It just so happens that they are hungry for lots of delicious female juiciness and are prepared to have the cum flowing. Reign is kissing one of the hot friends while the other one is giving her oral pleasure between her soft thighs. There is so much sexual activity going on that they are having a hard time breathing. Are you thrilled to be witnessing such amazing sexual activity, right in front of your eyes?