Riley Jensen Has Foursome Lezbo Party

October 11, 2010

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If you ever put together four incredibly hot lesbians that happen to be scantily dressed then you know that something sexual is going to go down. In these intense pictures from the quality lesbian sex website We Live Together you will see four women wearing see through, frilly and downright sexy night time attire going down on each other and kissing and generally having one hell of a good time. If one were to live next to these four hotties I’m sure you would not be getting much sleep, what with all of the groaning and loud coming going on. I suggest that you take a look at these smoking hot ladies’ pictures and see for yourself just how tasty they are.


From the start of this photo set I could tell that they were serious about exploring one another’s bodies and seeing just how much lesbian tendencies they had. After doing some sexy posing in their tantalizing outfits they have a seat on the sofa and begin to make out by kissing full on the lips and putting their hands down one anothers’ panties and feeling their moist pussies. Once they have been getting to know each other for a bit they start to go down and lick their shaved and juicy twats. Riley is the first one to feel one of the blonde’s tongues running up and down her pussy. She can;t believe how incredible it feels to have a girl licking her vagina.

Before you can say two words they have all slipped out of their clothes and are together naked on the sofa.One of the blondes has her legs spread so wide open that any girl could get access to her sweet succulent pussy lips. She is glad to have a chance at being eaten out by hot girls and to cum hard all over their mouths. They even have two of the babes assume the famous 69 position and have full access to their pussies and asses.

They seem to be completely satisfied with being in a female foursome that turned into a full fledged lezbo party. Their legs are draped over one another and they are comfortable being buck naked with each other. Talk about serious heavy petting going on. They have massaged so much pussy that they are all part of the lesbian club now. Licking a shaved beaver gave the sexual freedom they have been looking for. Now they can go out on the town and find even more hotties to have sex with.


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