Lez Evelin Rain Kisses Blonde Molly

October 11, 2010

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Have you ever had the urge to watch two big booty women pleasing one another over and over again? You will be excited to know that I found a four minute video clip from We Live Together of two rather bootilicious babes that love to get into some tongue tangling good times. Molly is a blonde hottie with a sizable badonkadonk that almost drags on the floor as she walks around. Evelin Rain is a lovely brunette with a thick butt as well and big tits too. Luckily for us they both enjoy eating pussy and making out for a very long time with females. It doesn’t take much to get either of their engines roaring and once you watch the above video clip you will see for yourself why these two ladies like to hang out and make themselves feel intense orgasmic sensations.


They are both sucking on a lollipop as they get the party started. It just so happens that these suckers are red and so are the insides of these tasty babe’s pussies. They really know how to suck a sucker down to its nub and they are equally talented at sucking on a woman’s lips and taking her whole mouth inside of theirs. These ladies like to pull off their panties and get down to business, which is exactly what happens once they get back to the bedroom.

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Just take in all of that ass that they both possess, which is made abundantly evident in the first shot of the video clip. You can see their firm ass cheeks and their hairless vaginas sitting pretty between those booty cheeks. Molly likes Evelin’s ass so much she immediately begins to lick her asshole and bite her arse! Two women really enjoying one anothers company is what I like to call this visual experience. After she has done enough work on her butt the intense lip locking kissing begins.

Rain lays back on the bed and lets Molly take control of the situation. These two women are soon intensely smacking lips and making every man that is watching them pop big boners. I know you wish you could be in that room as they passionately make out by smooching with such verve. They are exploring their inner most desires to be lesbians and with such female sexuality present they are both getting what they want. The bed sheets rustle and their pussies slowly get wetter and wetter as they make out with a high level of passion.


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